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Our Boats at Alaska Saltwater Lodging in Seward Alaska

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About Our Boats

We named two of our boats the Steller Sunrise and Steller Explorer after George Steller, the naturalist on Vitus Bering's voyage of discover to Alaska. 

The Steller Explorer and Steller Sunrise are both 43'  long and certified and inspected annually by the United States Coast Guard.  We typically limit to 15 the number of people on our Small Group Tours on these boats though they were originally designed to carry more than 30 people.

Both vessels have heated cabins, bathrooms, life rafts, and walk around decks for excellent viewing.  Each is equipped with the most modern navigational equipment such as radar, global positioning system (GPS), video chart plotters, video depth sounders, and marine radios which allow us to contact other vessels and the USCG at all times. 








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